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Jerome Foster II is an activist, social entrepreneur, impact consultant, and speaker. He is the Youngest White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council member in U.S. History and the founder of Waic Up, an international  media organization for social impact. He is currently a Curator at the Smithsonian National Museum of Asian Art and the leading the Waic Up initiative, a community outreach and communication non-profit.

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Public Speaker

An internationally renowned keynote speaker with experience on global stages from the White House to the United Nations Climate Conference engaging with political, ecomonic, and community assemblies.

Social Impact Creator

Mobilizing audiences on social media through content creation, digestible information, and conscious influencing.

Climate Justice Activist

From organizing millions worldwide to protest for climate action to empowering 1M+ to vote; Jerome is a top voice for social impact.


Through prioritization of DEI, and true sustainability, Foster provides consultancy in both governmental and corporate arenas, focusing on comprehensive internal & external strategies in anticipation of the Gen Z's rising economic/cultural influence.


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